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Question: please put in excel data table with rows and columns...

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Please put in excel data table with rows and columns and please provide both answer and formula. Thank you.

2017 suar,-26,25% $160,000 2016 40,000 $150,000 7.000 $150,000-Man $12.000 $1 50,000 $14,000 -11.25% able $160,000 $15,000 9.38% $160,000-10.63% Pencont $12,000 .. 939% Menhandise d.mgid expenses $15000 12,000 3,000 Au3000 QUIZ WITH ve bulance sheet b LU 16-1a Complee this partal compomative halance sheet by vertical analysis. Rosnd may the nearest handredth 2016 2017 Cuent asses Questions 1&2 35.c00 18.000 11,000 16,000 s38000 9000 c. Merchendhe inventory d. Prepeld experses Tolel ourent assots $180000 2. What is the amount of change in merchandise inventory and the percent increase? Learning Unit 16-2: Income Statement-Report for a Specific Period of Time Ose of the mos important departments in a company is its accounting department. The lourel ieay making money or losing money? The following Wall Ssiree job of the accounting department is to determine the financial results of the companys operations. Is the co clip reveals by 2017 wing Wall Street many companies will have to speed up or slow down the rat statement-a financial report that tells how ng a specific period of time they book revenues co la this learning unit we look at the income wella company is performing (Gts profitability or net profit) during a specitic pe o (month, year, etc.) In general, the income statement reveals the inward flowo (sles) against the outward or potential outward flow of costs and expenses.
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