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Chapter 3 - Physical Layer President Lee Coone has asked you to contin u e planning for an integrated corporate NDAS network. Ultimately, this network will link all the offices with the Tampa head office and become the fou n dation on which to build a sophisticated voice, video, and data communication network that in clu des LANs at most NDAS sites. President Coone is still not completely con vinced that NDAS needs video capabilities, but he wants you to include that in your plan As a first step, President Coone wants you to examine the current in formation flow with in ND AS Case Figure 3-1 shows the movement of in voice in form ation. In reality, it shows the number of packages that are transferred between offices, but each package also requ ires an in voice. These averages were compiled from a 2-week survey of each office. The average len gth of each in voice is 750 characters. Use this statistic as the basis for your computation s Every number in the figu re represents the number of packages (each of which requires an in voice) that move from the city of origin to a destination city for delivery in the latter citys delivery zone. Local deliveries are indicated in situations in which the origins and destinations are the same. For example, the intersection of the Atlanta column and the Atlanta row shows 500 local deliveries In voice in form ation is transmitted from the origin to the destination. In addition, a copy of all invoice information is transmitted to the home office in Tampa for billing. For example, every day, . Los An geles ships 150 packages to Memphis, and each one requires an in voice. This means that Los An geles will transmit 150 750-character in voices to both Memphis and Tampa every day
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Exercises 1. President Coone is baffled about how digital in formation from a computer can be sent over a network connection. Prepare a brief position paper for management explain ing the way in formation is transferred from one computer to another over digital lines. Keep it sim ple. Be sure to describe the types of devices used in data transmission. Include comments on the role of data compression in in creasing transmission rates. Justify the observation that as a general ru le, it is best to purchase the fastest devices your communications lines can support. 2. As you begin thin king about the redesign of the network, you realize that there are various types of m edia to choose from. Which media will you use in the network and where will you utilize these types ? 3. Using the network that is being redesigned will certain ly speed data transfers čon siderably President Coone is amazed to see that an email message with a large attachment can be sent in a matter of seconds. He reflects back on the time when data was primarily transmitted via modem s a. Compute each offices number of bits sent per day (origin to destination) on the basis of the data provided in Case Figure 3-1. Use 10 bits per character to keep computation s simple and assume all transmissions are error free. Hin t: Bits per day = Packages 750 10 x 2 b. How many minutes will it take for each citys modem to transmit its in voices? Use the bits per day ca lcu lated in question 2 and assume that the V.34 modems transmit at an average rate of 28,800 bps c. Previou sly. you calculated the transmission time in minutes per day, based on a 28.800-bps modem and 10 bits per character. Now calculate the file transfer time for Atlanta to transmit all of its in voices to Tam pa at the end of the workday. Why is this answer different from the time calcu lated for Atlanta previou sly? d. Could all the NDAS offices transmit their in voices to Tampa between 5:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M. each even in g? How wou ld they achieve this goal? 4. Would it be better to transm it all in voice in form ation from the origin to Tampa and for Tampa to send the in for mation to the destination? Why? 5. With the addition of a network that can handle voice. video, and data. what other uses and benefits can NDAS derive from the new network?
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