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Question: please read the case and answer the question bellow ...

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Chapter 1: Theh employees describe emotionally charged encounters,includ- ing loud outbursts from Mr. Pincus, threats from senior leaders, and moments when colleagues broke down [in] tears.78 A number of former employees spoke about how e high-pressure culture might become a major liability as the company continued to grow. The consensus of these former workers appeared to be that the company might not continue to be able to attract and retain the top engineering and programming talent that they would need going for- Other local com agers were look ent acquisition collaborative cu they would be a talent from Zy that most of Zy of stock or opti leave until the II looking around war While from the outside Zynga may have the fun and whimsy of the Willy Wonka chocolate factory, the organi- Questions zation thrives on numbers, relentlessly aggregating perfor- 1. Imagine you do you thin the potentia used to identify the top performers along with the not-employees? 2. Are there an of that migh Zynga after mance data, from the upper ranks to the cafeteria staff.79 Everything was measured and mapped, and results were so-top performers and their groups. (Top teams had been known to be rewarded with vacations for the entire team, with spending money provided by the company!) Mr. Pincus personally tracked large amounts of data showing performance levels for the 3,000 employees and money? their work teams It wasnt that Zynga was failing, or even that there was an open fear of failure. Zynga was one of the rare Internet start-ups that were actually making money. Zynga had garnered $828.9 million in revenue in the first nine months of 2011 and had earned $121 million since the start of 3. HR manage managers h What do yo Is there anyt concerning would be eff for 2010. However, the company culture was purely perfor- mance driven. The best employees were rewarded very well, while people who couldnt hit the numbers were 4. Do you thin performers likely to disappear appropriate tech business rg

please read the case and answer the question bellow .

Are there any benefits or incentives that you can think of that might make more people want to stay on at Zynga after the IPO is complete and they can "get their money"?

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