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Question: please read the case study and answer this question would...

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Please read the case study and answer this question: Would Wilson make a good project manager? Why or why not?

A Surprise Director of Storm Logistics for Katrina 24 states and Canada came to help. To support the 11,000 workers, the group needed housing, beds, food, clean water. showers, laundry, bulldozers, 5,000 trucks, 140,000 gallons of One day, Melvin Wilson was simply a marketing manager for fuel each day, 8,000 tetanus shots, and hundreds of other such small 1,250-employee Mississippi Power in Gulfport, Mis items. Directing such a massive project as the restoration of sissippi. But the next day, after Hurricane Katrina hit New power was far beyond the experience of little Mississippi Pow- Orleans and Gulfport, he was suddenly the firms Director ofers group, but they succeeded, and the power was restored to Storm Logistics, responsible for restoring power to 195.000 every customer who could handle it within 12 days customers within 12 days. Although Mississippi Powers pri- mary storm center at headquarters was knocked out, they had a Questions backup storm center 5 miles inland. However, when Wilson got there, the cars were floating in the parking lot, so he moved his 2 small group in charge to a third location, an old service office without electricity or running water. In spite of the phone lines being down, the group managed to get word of their needs Source: D. Cauchon, The Little Company That Could, USA to the outside world, and within days, 11,000 repairmen from Today. 2005.

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