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please reply back to this post and ask one question regarding this post:

I consider myself a lifelong learner both as a nurse and in my personal life. I believe in nursing, the idea of acquiring knowledge and learning new things are essential. For example, everyone may have a preferred technique for priming a line. When you open yourself up to learning, you allow yourself pick up tips and tricks from other nurses we encounter in the field that may show you a different way of doing a certain skill. This can help make our care more efficient and effective. Lifelong learning is even more important because our field is always changing, and this requires nurses to be a part of culture and meet the expectation of lifelong learning that is essential to our job (EBSCO Health, 2017). I don't believe that a nurse who is unwilling to learn new skills, knowledge, and ways of practice are an effective part of a nursing team. In my opinion, taking in new information doesn't necessarily mean we have to adopt it into our daily life but instead we can use it to reflect upon and gain insight into new things we may not have been previously aware of or exposed to. I believe open-mindedness and lifelong learning can go hand in hand and are important in our field.

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