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  3. please show all steps if possible thank you...

Question: please show all steps if possible thank you...

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Please show all steps if possible, Thank you

P2.5-4) A delivery truck travels along a straightls road while accelerating and decelerating as described in the given graph. The truck starts from rest at time 0 s and returns to rest at the unknown time . Draw the t and s-t graphs for6 the truck during this time period. Include scales on the axes and determine the timetat which the truck comes to a stop a (ft/s2) 12 t (s) Given: 2.5 P2.5-4 Find: Solution: Plot the velocity What is v(t) between 0 and 12 s? Determine the stop time v (ft/s) D(t) = What is v(t) between 12 and 1 s? s (ft) r(t) = -12,-72 ft/s

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