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  3. please show all steps the first picture gives directions and...

Question: please show all steps the first picture gives directions and...

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Please show all steps. The first picture gives directions and the second picture is the actual question. Thanks!

Draw detailed and appropriate cash flow diagrams for each problem, and use the EE Equations to solve each problem. Show and explain all work Factor Name Formula Single Payment Compound Amount Single Payment Present Worth Uniform Series Sinking Fund Converts to F given P to P given F to A given F (F/P, i%, n) (A/F, pa, n) 1 +i -1 (A/P, i%, n) (FA , i%, n) (PIA, i%, n) Capital Recovery to A given P Unifom Series Compound Amount Uniform Series Present Worth 1 +i (l+iy-1 (0+-1 to F given A to P given A

t-S. A large engineering company is considering the following three major capital investments (each investment is considered to have zero salvage value at the end of its life): (b) For a MARR of 15%, which investment if any, would you select? Why? (How do you handle the unequal lives?) mated Estimated Eatimated capital required annual receipts annual disbursements llfe (years) 12 Investment 300,000 140,000 120,000 130,000 175,000 56,000 62,000 126,000 25,000 6 Note: Assume equal replacement conditions for this problem.

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