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8) Wet limestone is used to scrub so, gas from the exhaust gas mixtures of coal-fired power plants. There are two competing reactions that occur during processing: (24 points) Caco (s) so, (g) O (no caso, H2O (s) CO2 (g) Reaction 1 Caco3 (s) so2 (g) H20 (D ho2 (g) Caso4 hH2o (s co2 (g) Reaction 2 AG CaCO, (s) 1207.6 kJ/mole 91.7 J/K mole -1129.69 kJ/mole SO2 (g) -296.84 kJ/mole 248.21 JIK mole -300.13 kJ/mole H20 -285.83 kJ/mole -237.15 kJ/mole 69.95 J/K mole coa (g) 393.509 kJ/mole 213.74 J/K mole -394.359 kJ/mole caso, H20 1311.7 kJ/mole 121.3 J/K mole Caso4. H20 (s) -1574.65 kJ/mole 134.8 JIK mole a) Fill in the two blank spaces in the table above, and show how you calculated the values that you write in. b) Based on calculated values of ArxnG, which reaction, Reaction 1 or Reaction 2, is more product-favoring? c) Calculate ArxnG for Reaction 3, and show how you arrived at the numerical answer you write down. Caso, h H20 (s) h O2 (g) Caso4 H20 (s) Reaction 3 d) Is the reaction whose Ann you calculated in Part c) reactant-favoring or product favoring? Will K for this reaction be greater than 1, less than 1 or equal to 1? Please show all work
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