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In one of the oldest examples of chemical warfare on the planet, yeast produces ethanol and carbon dioxide when fermenting glucose. (23 points) 6 112 6 (aq) 2 C2HBO 2 CO2 (g) a) Using the following data, calculate A H A s. and A G. for this reaction at 25 oc AG Glucose (C6H12 6 1269.0 kJ/mole 289 JIK mole -918.8 kJ/mole Ethanol (C2Heo) -277.0 kJ/mole 160.7 JIK mole -174.7 kJ/mole Carbon dioxide (CO2) 393.509 kJ/mole 213.74 J/K mole 394.359 kJ/mole b) Does this reaction favor reactants or products? c) What does your answer in Part b) tell you about the relative size of the equilibrium constant for this reaction? (Will Keq be greater than 1, less than 1, or equal to 1?) Please show ALL WORK
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