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Please show all work and graphs when necessary.

Early Thursday morning, Mr. Pink was found dead at the side of a deserted stretch of country road. Medical Examiner Quincy picked up the body and brought it back to the morgue. He concluded that the cause of death was a gun shot wound to the chest. However, he is unsure when the murder took place Quincy turns the case over to his assistant...you! Your job is to determine the time of death. Because he may be asked to testify in court, Quincy requires that you use two different methods to corroborate the time of death and that your analysis be as accurate as possible with each method. He provides you with standard calibration data relating the sodium ion and lysine concentrations to the time elapsed since death occurred (Tables 1 and 2). As instructed by Quincy, you measure Mr. Pinks serum sodium ion and lysine levels at 6:00 a.m. and obtain the following results: the Na ion concentration in Mr. Pinks blood serum is 125.4 mM (mmol/L) and the amount of free lysine found in the body is 0.027 mM Table 1 Sodium lon Calibration Table 2 Lysine Calibration Sodium ion concentrations following death. This reaction is zero order. Plot the data to obtain the rate constant for this reaction. Lysine and cadaverine concentrations following death. Plot the data the order of the reaction and the value of the rate nt wa o determ stant, k, for both lysine and cadaverine Time [Lysine] [Cadaverine] (hours) (mM) 5.16 128.06 9.95 125.95 15.44 124.07 21.51 120.88 26.73 118.92 33.87 115.88 39.09114.02 45.06 111.89 52.9109.25 (hours) (mM 0.100 0.0750 0.0550 0.0400 12 0.0300 5 0.0200 0.0150 21 0.0090 240.0080 27 0.0060 30 0.0050 (mM) 0.000 0.025 0.045 0.060 0.070 0.080 0.085 0.091 0.092 0.094 0.095 18

1) Suppose that you did not find Mr. Pink until 22.0 hours after his death. Based on the integrated rate equations, what would you expectations of the following? a) Dr. Pinks Na level to be? Does the Na level you calculated above agree with the data in the TOD table? Justify your answer b) Dr. Pinks lysine level to be? Does the lysine level you calculated above agree with the data in the TOD table? Justify your answer

2) Is it possible to use the concentration of Cadaverine in Mr. Pinks blood to further narrow the time of death and decide which of the above methods is more efficient. Why or why not? Explain your reasoning 3) Before you stock a backyard pond with trout, you have the water analyzed to check for contamination.You find that the pond contains a chemical that is toxic. You call the local Department of Fish and Game and they inform you that adding certain bacteria to your pond will decompose this chemical and make it nontoxic. They tell you the amount of bacteria to add and that the rate constant for the decomposition then will be 0.41 month but they fail to tell you whether the decomposition is zero, first, or second order. If the concentration of this chemical in your pond is 1.34 M, and trout can survive at a concentration of 0.20 M, how long will it be until you can stock your pond?
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