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Question: please show all work and the matlab code it has...

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please show all work and the matlab code, it has been a long time since taking differential equations or matalab so i really need help understanding step by step. thanks! Q1 The forward and the centered differences can be used to approximate derivatives, and their errors are on the 1st and 2nd order, respectively. That is, given a smooth function f(x), LlethHo-f(x)-O(h), and Leth)2in-h)- Consider a new finite difference approximation use it to approximate () for f( 1, and find the order of the error by experiments in MATLAB (no need to prove it by derivation). To do this, make a table similar to Table 2.1 in the textbook (use h = 0.12,0.012, 0.0012, instead), and comment on the results. f (z) = O(h2).Table 2.1. Unstable limit computation. e -e 1 е-6 1е-7 1e-8 1e-9 1е-10 1e-11 1e-12 1е-13 1e-14 1e-15 1e-16 1e-17 .999999999946489 1.999999998947288 .999999987845058 2.000000054458440 2.000000165480742 2.000000165480742 2.000066778862220 1.999511667349907 1.998401444325282 2.109423746787797 1.110223024625157

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