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Consider the manometer shown in the adjacent figure. The atmospheric pressure can be presented as Pam and the local gravitational acceleration is expressed as g a) Express the pressure at the oil-mercury interface in terms of Pghs b) Express the pressure at the water-oil interface in terms of Pam g. hz, hi, c) Express the pressure at the air water interface in terms of Pa g hi, h2, d) Evaluate the absolute pressure of air, in bar, if Pm- 101.3 kPa, g 9.8 and the density of mercury the density of mercury, and the density of oil. hs, the density of mercury, the density of oil, and the density of water. m/s2, hi 8 cm, h2 -10 cm, and h 12 cm, water has a density of 1000 kg/m2, oil has a density of 850 kg/m, and mercury has a density of 13.600 kg/m

please show clear work

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