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THESE ARE FREE RESPONSE. NOT Write The LP Model Here 21) Setup the Linear Programming Model but Do solve: North American Housing is a builder of 3 types of modular homes, a rambler, spilt-level, and deluxe. The rambler requires 400 worker-days of carpentry, 10 worker days of painting and sells for a profit of $3000. The split- level requires 300 worker-days of carpentry, 20 worker- days of painting and sells for a profit of S4000. The deluxe requires 500 worker-days of carpentry, 30 worker-days of painting and sells for a profit of $6000. North America Housing has available 70,000 worker-days of carpentry and 2600 worker-days of painting. North America Housing must also produce exactly twice as many ramblers as split-levels. Also, the total number of homes built can be no more that 85. The builder will choose the number of each type of house it builds in order to maximize its profit. Let X1 represent the number of rambler, X2 represent the number of split level and X3 represent the number of deluxe. Setup the problem. Please show the work.
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