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Chemistry, B How to ApplyProgram Des Gator Publication 5... Q1. If the standard cell potential for the given cell below is 0.34 V, estimate the standard reduction potential for Cu? (Cu redox couple (i.e. what is Ecuaro?) Pt(s)H2(g) |H (aq, 1 M)lICu (aq) (1 M) ICu(s) Q2. Can Ce(IV) oxidize water in an acidic medium? Explain by using table 6D.1 from your textbook
Q3. Predict which solution Br:O) will oxidize, NaCI or Na? Assume all species are at standard state and use Table 6D.1 Q4. Predict the standard cell potential and Gibbs free energy for the Daniell galvanic cell at 298 K. Use Table 6D.1.
Q5. Calculate Δ,G (Ag, aq) for the following cell: Pt(s) H2(g) | H (aq, 1 M)lAg (aq) (1 M) JAg(s)
Q6. The oxidation of NADH by molecular oxygen occurs in the cellular respiratory system 02 (8)+ 2NADH(aq)+2H+ (aq) 2H20(0)+ 2NAD (aq) Using the information below, calculate the standard Gibbs energy change that results from the oxidation of NADH by molecular oxygen. The standard reduction potential for nicotine adenine dinucleotide is NAD (aq)+ H (aq)+ 2eNADH (aq) E-0.320v Use the following half cell reactions: O2+4e +4H H2O E0.816 V (at pH 7) Q7. Write the Nernst eqn. for the reactions
8. Calculate equilibrium constants for the following Sn(s) + Sn**(aq) 2Sn2+ (aq) 1/2 reactions: Sn2+(aq) + 2e--+ Sn(s) Ez-0. I 4 V S q)+2e Sn2 (aq)E +0.15 v 4+ n (a
09 Calculate the cell potential for the cell reaction, and based on your value predict whether the reaction is spontaneously as written as 298 K. Co(s) + Fe2+(aq) → Co2+ + Fe(s) [Co2+] = 0.15 M: [Fe2+] = 0.68 M 28
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