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2.69 What is the density (g/mL) of each of the following samples? a. A lightweight head on a golf club is made of titanium. The volume of a sample of titanium is 114 cm3 and the mass is 514.1 g. Lightweight heads on golf clubs are made of titanium b. A syrup is added to an empty container with a mass of 115.25 g. When 0.100 pt of syrup is added, the total mass of the container and syrup is 182.48 g. 115.25 g 182.48 g A block of aluminum metal has a volume of 3.15 L and a mass of 8.51 kg. c.
2.77 Solve each of the following problems: a. A urine sample has a density of 1.030 g/mL. What is the specific gravity of the sample? b. A 20.0-mL sample of a glucose IV solution has a mass of 20.6 g. What is the density of the glucose solution? c. The specific gravity of a vegetable oil is 0.92. What is the mass, in grams, of 750 mL of vegetable oil? d. A bottle containing 325 g of cleaning solution is used to clean hospital equipment. If the cleaning solution has a specific gravity of 0.850, what volume, in milliliters, of solution was used?
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