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Question: please show work on how to get path 2 i...

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lengthpath path 3 length- path 2 length- Spherical Coordinates Spherical Coordinates: You will now derive the general form for di in spherical coordinates by determining d along the specific paths below. As in the cylindrical case, note that an infinitesimal element of length in the θ or φ direction is not just d0 or dø. You will need to be more careful. Geometrically determine the length of the three paths leading from a to b and write these lengths in the corresponding boxes on the diagram. Now, remembering that dr has both magnitude and direction, write down below the infinitesimal displacement vector di along the three paths frorn a to b. Notice that, along any of these three paths, only one coordinate r, θ, or φ is changing at a time. (ie, along path 1, dθ 0, but dr-0 and do-0) Path 1: dr Path 2: d = Path 3: di (Be careful, this is the tricky one.)

Please show work on how to get path 2. I have already done both path 1 and 3, but would really like to see the work on how path 2 is figured out. Thank you !

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