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Please show your work so I know how you got the answer, Thank you!
Worksheet I (Calculations) Circle your final answer to make it easy to find. Always show your work and include units in your set up and final answer. Attach an extra sheet if necessary. If you are asked to make a solution, include the amount of diluent needed in your final answer. If you are not given a specific diluent, assume the diluent is water. What volumes of 100 mM dNTP Mix and deionized water do you need to make 500 μ1 of 200 μΜ dNTP Mix solution? (1 pt) 1. 2. Describe how to prepare 400 ml of 0.2M NaCI using deionized water and NaCI The molecular weight of NaCl is 58.44 g/mol. (Recall: 1 M-1 moVL) (1 pt) Determine how to make 600 μ1 of a 3% and 16% yellow solution starting with 100% yellow dye. Do not forget to include the amount of diluent needed. (1 pt) 3, How many grams of ampicillin would you need to dissolve into 500 ml of water to make a final concentration of 100 ug/100 ml? (1 pt) 4.
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