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Please show your work so I know how you got the answer, Thank you!
5. Describe how much agarose powder (g). 10X TBE (ml), water (ml) and 20,000x Greenglo ( 1) you would need to prepare a 4.3%-50ml agarose gel. (4 pts) 6. When performing agarose gel electrophoresis, how much 6X loading dye should you add to a 30 ul DNA sample before loading it onto the gel? (1 pt) 7. If the minimum volume that a micropipette can accurately measure is 10% of its maximum capacity, what is the usual range of a P-2 micropipette, P-10 micropipette, P-100 micropipette and P-1000 micropipette? (1 pt) 8. Convert the following (Show your work) (1 pt) b. 234.19 pmolumol d. 40 HM If your DNA extraction had a double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) concentration of 110.7 ug/ml, how many microliters (ul) of your extraction would you use to achieve 100 ng of dsDNA in your PCR sample? (1 pt) 9.
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