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  3. please show your work step by step and also show...

Question: please show your work step by step and also show...

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please show your work step by step and also show work keep in mind that will be my first time using Xampp

TODO Application:

Problem Statement:

Make a small application that can be used as a simple todo list. You should be able to add tasks, view

tasks, delete tasks.

It needs to be a client server application Architecture. ( XAMP Stack ) In addition to the code you need

the following as well.

Functional requirements (required/desired)


Non-functional requirements


System Architecture Diagram

1 for the complete system

Data Flow Diagram

1 for the complete system ( level 2)

Use case

3 use cases

Sequence Diagram

3 sequence diagrams

Database Design

1 for the system, 3 tables

Class diagram

1 for the system, 3 classes

Test Case

3 operations to be tested



to your repository. Use 4996wsu if you are using github.

Since some of you have been asking questions around these topics.

1. This is supposed to be a web site. Showing adding/removing/listing entries in a command line or a

database editor is not sufficient. The UI should be runnable in a browser.

2. XAMPP is fine. We mainly want the database to be MySql (or the MariaDB fork) and the server

language to be PHP.

3. You do not need to host this publically. Running it locally is sufficient.

4. Part of this exercise is to practice you software engineering skills. As such, if some of your diagrams

are overly simplistic, we understand. If you'd like to get some more practice, hypothesize some more

features (delete undo, multiple users, login, etc) and build your documentation to support those

features in addition to the required ones.


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