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Question: please solve 2 with some assumption 1 is just to...

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To gain an appreciation of the water consumption needs for a modest city such as Gainesville, we will consider converting UFs football stadium or the OConnell Center into a water reservoir. Each group should divide into two teams (sub-group A and B), with each sub-group answering the following questions in a short report to be posted on Canvas by one of the Co- Captains before 5:00pm on the due date. Formatting guidelines are attached Calculate how many days of water can be stored in the Ben Hill Griffin Reservoir (Group A) or the OConnell Center Reservoir (Group B). Assume that the exits can be perfectly sealed, that the open sections can be readily filled in and that the structure will support the stadium/arena being filled to the top with water. Use average daily water consumption rates for Gainesville per Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) published values. Report your calculated total reservoir capacity (gallons), and then your days of water supply to two significant figures. 2. As many regions of the world run out of sources of fresh water, desalination becomes a leading technology to produce fresh water from sea water or brackish water. A very common technology is multi-stage flash distillation (https:/en.wikipedia org wiki Multi stage flash distillation). Assume your reservoir was filled with sea water; calculate how much energy would be required to distill the entire reservoir using multi-stage flash distillation. If a this energy was supplied by burning gasoline, how many gallons of gasoline would be required? You may assume 100% of the gasolines available energy content would be used for the distillation process. Assuming you can purchase gasoline for $2.5 gallon, calculate the cost to distill your reservoir, reporting your final cost as dollars per KGA of water (KGA 1000 gallons). Only consider the cost of your gasoline (i.e. ignore all other capital and operating costs). Compare this energy cost to the current GRU residential cost of water of about $2.35 per KGA and discuss briefly. Include comments on how changes in our assumptions would impact this analysis

please solve #2 with some assumption. #1 is just to get some idea about the problem.

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