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(b) Flux of N2 (c) Partial pressure of He at a point U.03 ll I and nitrogen gas (B) are diffusing in counterdiffusion through a 2.0 ft (0610 m) long with an inside diameter of 0.080 ft (24.4ght glas4) 1912 Equimolar Counterdifision of NH, and Ni ar Steady State. Amm 19.1-2 101.32 kPa. Both ends of the tube are connected to large mixed 101.32 kPa. The partial pressure of NH, is constant at 20.0 kPa ers at 6,666kPa in the other. The diffusivity at 298 K and 101.32 k Pa is 2.30xn ass tube and in one chamber and (a) Calculate the diffusion of NH, in lb mol/h and kg mol/s. b) Calculate the diffusion of N2
(c) Calculate the partial pressures at a point 10 ft (0.305 m) in the tube and lot pA P B, and P versus distance z. (a) Diffusion of NH3 ะไ52x 10 lb mol A/h, 9.48x 10-11 kg mol Als; (c) pA 1.333 x 104 Pa Ans.
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