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(2) Suppose that we are measuring the concentration (in mg/liter) of ibuprofen in a patients blood every hour. Consider: When the patient takes a pi, it takes an hour be absorbed in the blood. .Each pill increases concentration of ibuprofen by 40 mg/liter · Ibuprofen has first-order elimination kinetics-24.25% of ibuprofen in the blood is eliminated each hour ·The patient takes a pill every 6 hours. They take the first pill at t = 0 (a) The word equation for the concentration of ibuprofen c after t hours is ct +1 = ct + amt, absorbed in blood-amt. eliminated in one hour Starting with the word equation, find the concentration of ibuprofen in the blood for the first seven hours (i.e., find co, ci, C2, , C7). (b) Write down a recurrence equation for Cn, the concentration of ibuprofen one hour after pil n is taken (d) You should see that Cn appears to be reaching a limiting concentration as n increases Find this lmiting concentration by finding the fixed point of your equation in part (b
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