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size. Khowng he Soil textures are used in geology to classify sediments according to grain abundances of sand, silt, and clay help us understand the processes that formed a industries when and other Additionally, soil textures are important in engineering and environmenta considering land use planning, safely building structures, groundwater behavior, practical applications. Soil Texture Triangle 100 90 80 70 o 60 50 30 20 10 0 Percent Sand What is the textural classification for a soil that is composed of 25% SAND, 45% CLAY, and 30% SILT? Note on the diagram above. (2 pts) A. clay B. Suppose you encountered this soil in the field and performed the textural field tests as detailed on the flow chart handout. Assuming you appropriately wetted and performed the tests correctly, would the soil: (1) form a ball? (2) create a ribbon? About how long of a ribbon (if possible)? (3) feel gritty, smooth, or sticky? (3 pts) smoosh C. Briefly discuss general qualities of this soil based solely on its texture (think about erosion, slope stability factors, grain properties, soil-moisture drainage, etc.) (5 pts)
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