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15 marks Consider the adiabatic turbocharger of an intenal combustion engine. The exhaust gases enter the turbine at 700 K and 300 kPa at a rate of 0.02 kgs and leave at 600 K and 100kPa. Air enters the compressor at 300 K at a rate of 0.015 kg/s. The air stream leaves the compressor where it is cooled in a heat exchanger by a cold water stream. The temperature increment for the water is not to exceed 10°C in the heat exchanger and the air temperature is 325 K as it leaves the heat exchanger. Find: 1. The work of the turbine 2. The isentropic efficiency of the turbine (assume k-1.4 for the turbine) 3. T4 4. The mass flow rate of waterm (assume Cp 4.18 kJ/kg) Air -002 kg/s T1-700 K 3 a-0015 kg/s 300 K For Isentropic process P 300 kPa Turbine Compressor T 325 K t? Liquid water at T2 600K P 100 kPa -20°C 6 ?? T 30 C 7 Figwe 3 Schematic diagram of problem 4

please solve correct

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