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Problem3 The shank-and-foot system during walking is shown in the figure to the right. A force J and a moment M from the human body are transmitted to the knee joint K. Mass of the shank is 4.25 kg and its weight S is acting at point A. Mass of the foot is 0.8 kg and its weight F is acting at point B. The resultant reaction force R acts at H at an angle a as shown in the figure. Given that the shank- and-foot system is in equilibrium, -280 N (a) Write down force equilibrium equations in the x- and y-axes. (b) Write down the moment equilibrium equation about the heel H. (c) Calculate the reaction force R, angle α and moment M. (Take the gravitational accelerationg 10 m/s?) K (-30 cm, 42 cm) --→ 45 A (-14 cm, 28 cm) B (6 cm, 6 cm) :a
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