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Please solve on Matlab
Q22 marks]: According to National Weather Service (NWS), the temperature alone is not enough to provide the answer to how cold outside. Other factors including wind speed, relative humidity, and sun shine play important roles in determining coldness outside. The new formula that is now in use to measure the coldness based on temperature and wind speed is: we 35.74 0.6215t-35.75v°16 + 0.4275ta v016 Where ta is the outside temperature measured in degrees Fahrenheit and vis the speed measured in miles per hour. Dr. Modafar Ati Page 1 twe is the wind-chill temperature. The formula is valid for temperature in the range between -58°F and 41°F and the wind speed is greater than or equal to2 Task: Write a Matlab script that prompts the user to enter the appropriate input in order to calculate the wind-chill temperature. Optional: you may implement in your script to display a message indicating that the temperature and/or the wind speed is invalid when they dont meet the criteria stated above
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