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  3. please solve step by step for 266 and 267 thank...

Question: please solve step by step for 266 and 267 thank...

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Please solve step by step for 2.6.6 and 2.6.7. Thank you!
AIs.32.2 min 2.6-6. Overail Mass Balance for Unsteady-State Process. A storage vessel is well stirred and contains 500 kg of total solution with a concentration of 5.0% salt. A constant 00 = y now rate of 900 kg/h of salt solution containing 16.67% salt is suddenly introduced into the tank and a constant withdrawal rate of 600 kg/h is also started. These two flows remain constant thereafter. Derive an equation relating the outlet withdrawa l00 32 concentration as a function of time. Also, calculate the concentration after 2.0 h. 2.6-7 Mass Balance for Flow of Sucrose Solution. A 20 wt % sucrose (sugar) solution having a density of 1074 kg/m is flowing through the same piping system as in Ex ample 2.6-1 (Fig. 2.6-2). The flow rate entering pipe 1 is 1.892 m/h. The flow divides equally in each of pipes 3. Calculate the following: (a) The velocity in m/s in pipes 2 and 3. (b) The mass velocity G kg/m-, s in pipes 2 and 2.7-1. Kinetic-Energy Veloui

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