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Question: please solve these tasks using the program matlab...

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Please solve these tasks using the program “MatLab»

Problem set # 10 1. Solve the linear system using Gaussmethod:* * x,-3x2 +x, +x,-1 *, +x + x, -3x,1 2. Solve the equation cos(3x-0.2) - Inx by Newtons method (absolute error E 0.00001) 3. Solve the Cauchy problem xy+7x+9y 27Inx,yl) I,y()4 on the interval (1,3). Plot the graphs of y(x)and y(x) 4. Using secant method find the smallest positive number a such that」xVa cos x +-/xdr= 1 (absolute error0.0001) 5. Solve the system using the method of minimal residual (initial approximation r1, x 4, x , error 0.001). 8x, +8x2 +6x19 8x, +14x,-4x, 39 6x, -4x, +134x, 2 6. Approximate the given function using a suitable approximating model: x, -0.9 -0.2 0.5 1.2 1.9 2.6 3.3 4 yi -5.14-7.05-5.61-1.13 4.68 9.56 11.77 10.86 7. Suppose that y-y) approximates the table in Problem 6. Find the derivative y(x) and the extrema of the function y(x) (the problem can be solved in case your aim is to get grade,,10).
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