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Question: please solve this problems thank you...

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Please Solve this Problems. Thank you

8) A rocket is released from a plane and immediately ignites its thrusters providing horizontal acceleration of 5.0 m/s2. The initial velocity of the rocket is the same as the plane: 110 m/s horizontal. a. What is the acceleration vector? b. Ignoring air resistance and assuming no vertical thrust, write equations of motion for the velocity components v(t) and v(t) What is the velocity vector after 6 s? d. What is the displacement vector for time t 0 tot 6? 9) In the case of uniform circular motion (U.C.M.) an object travels in a perfect circle with constant speed For U.C.M. the speed is constant. Is velocity changing? What is changing about the velocity vector? a. b. Define centripetal. What is centripetal acceleration? Is the acceleration vector changing? For U.С.М., what is the angle between the velocity vector and the radius of the circle? What is the formula for centripetal acceleration in terms of v and r? d.

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