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Question: please solve those multiple choices...

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What is the condition of the refrigerant as it leaves the evaporator Of system? s. the vapor cycle cooling A) Low-pressure liquid B) High-pressure vapor C) Low-pressure vapor 9. The mechanical arrangement added to the output section of an A.C generator (Alternator) to avail D.C voltage / current is: A) Armature. B) Diode rectifier. C) Split ring (Commutator). velocity ratio. 10. In actual machines, mechanical advantage is A) equal to B) less than C) greater than Following motor cannot be started on no-load condition due to high starting torque and high starting current 11. A) Induction motor. B) Synchronous motor. C) D.C series motor. 12. A force of 50 Kg compresses the springs in series 20cm.What will be the total distance that the springs in parallel are compressed? A) 20 cms 8) 5 cms C) 10 cms 13. The output of following logic gate will be 1, if any of its input is O A) AND gate. B) NAND gate. C) NOR gate. 14. In time study, the rating factor is applied to determine: A) Standard time of a job. B) Merit rating of the worker. C) Normal time of a worker. Please solve those Multiple choices
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