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Please submit a single PDF file on Harvey by the due date . A vehicle begins skidding on a surface with a drag factor of 0.72. It skids for 24 m and then skids 19 m across another surface with a drag factor of 0.50. It then impacts a tree at 48 kph and stops. The Perception-Response Time (PRT) of the driver/vehicle is determined to be about 1.8 seconds. a) What is the initial speed of the vehicle? b) What is the PRT distance? c What is the total distance to impact, starting at the perception-response (PR) point? d) What is the distance from the PR point to the beginning of the second skid? e) If there is no impact with the tree (i.e. speed at the tree is zero), what is the speed at the beginning 95.42kph 47.71m 90.71m of the last skid? 49.12kph What is the maximum speed the vehicle could be going to stop at the tree without impact, using the initial PR point as a reference? Hint: The distance of the first skid is now unknown.) 87.01kph g What is the skid distance across the first surface? 28.20m
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