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Question 1 (10 marks) 1. (5 marks) The following programming model contains the indicated C program in its code memory. You will be showing how the working memory is used during the execution of this program and how the CPU that assigns a value to the variable u Show the variables created in the working memory and how their values change during the execution of the evaluates the arithmetic expression program. Show the values are assigned to the variables. Be sure to show all values that are assigned and replaced. Record successive assignments to variables/parameters as follows Variable For the operation, show how contents from the working memory value assigned to variable u. Show the results per operation. Finally show the output of the program in the console window are moved to the CPU to calculate the of all operations carried out in the CPU, that is, one line Code Memory Working Memory #include <stdio.h> void main () double vl, v2, v3; vl- 36.8; v3(3.6/ (4.3+ printf (Variable printf (Variable printf (Variable 0.4*vl)) *v2; 1 %f\n,v1) ; 2 = %f\n,v2); 3 = %f\n,V3); CPU Console

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