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Question: please type your answer thank you the subject is...

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Please type your answer, thank you :)

The subject is UNIX

Please use awk.

Generate a report containing the lowest, highest and average score for each assignment in the data file. The name of the assignment is located in column 3. Your report should be in a tabular formatted as

Name Low High Average

Your solution must generate the report using the data below. Provide the command used to run your script against the lab03 data file below along with your completed awk script.

Student Catehory Assignment Score Possible
Chelsey Homework H01 90 100
Chelsey Homework H02 89 100
Chelsey Homework H03 77 100
Chelsey Homework H04 80 100
Chelsey Homework H05 82 100
Chelsey Homework H06 84 100
Chelsey Homework H07 86 100
Chelsey Lab L01 91 100
Chelsey Lab L02 100 100
Chelsey Lab L03 100 100
Chelsey Lab L04 100 100
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