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Please use a bachelors in business management degree in the application thank you
Major business management Write a letter of application for a position that your degree and skill sets make you uniquely fitted. It can be an internship or a full time position... It can be one that you have seen on the web or one at school or in a newspaper such as the NY Times or Wall Street Journal Your application letter must be written for a current open position. (Submit a copy of the position description with letter). The letter should high light your sikills such as What technology skills can you What other skills have you acquired in school, on the job, or through activities? Do you work well with people? Do you enjoy . Are you a leader, self-starter, or manager? Do you speak, write, or understand another Do you learn quickly? Are you creative? Do you communicate well in speech and in . . You should close the letter by requesting an interview, providing your contact information. The leter should be no more than one page in ength. It will nomally consist of three to four paragraphs. Remember to provide your contact information. In your letter you can only use I twice to start a sentence Tips on Content You should talk about yourself as a student your academic background (honors, awards, organizations, etc.), your major and why you choose your career goals and what make you a unique fit for the position. Discuss your work experience, any volunteer work or internships you have done in the past and how the work relates to plans for the future. Think about audience and purpose of the letter major and any experience, your 1. Make sure the date you actually submit your letter matches the date on the top of your 2. You need to keep your letter to one page, 3. Remember, formal business documents are 4. If you do not have a specific contact to always single spaced submit your letter to, according to the job posting, you should atways defauit to Human Resources. Likewise, you should being the body by saying. To Whom it May Concern:, unless you have a specific
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