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Question: please use excel to complete the question using the spreadsheet...

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please use excel to complete the question using the spreadsheet from the description

A health care center is considering locating their new facility cither in Miami, Orlando, or Jacksonville. In making their decision, the following factors are considered total patient miles per month, facility utilization, average time per emergency trip, expressway accessibility, land and construction costs, and employee preferences The management evaluated each possible location using these criteria.Identify the best location for the health care center that maximizes the total weighted score. Using the following steps: 1. Create Names for the columns Weight, jacksonville, Orlando and Miami using the create from selection option. 2 calculate the weighted score for each column using the formula Weighted Score Welg r·Score using the names defined for the weights and location for example. The weighted Score for Jacksonville for total patient miles per month is 25*4. But you should use the names defined in step in place of the numbers.) Enter the formula for the Facility Utilization Weighted Score below: Location Jacksoaville Odando Miami Formula Value 3. Define names for the weighted score for each column for the weighted scores. The name should be WS location (for example WS Jacksooville) 4. Caleulate the total weighted score. Total Weighted Score for Jacksonville- Total Weighted Score for Orlando Total Weighted Score for Miami- Formula for Calculating Weighted Score for Jacksoaville13 Score Location Factor Weight Jacksnville OrlandoMiami Jacksonville Orlando Miami Weighted Score Total patient miles per month Facility utilization Avg time per emergency trip Expressway accessibility Land and construction costs Employee preference 25 20 20 14 10 10 Total Max Score

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