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Please use low level java code

(4 pts) Problem 1 eNentel Uniz time is a time system commonly used in software. In this system, a point i t te benet Within your Lab2 folder, write a program namod UnixTimeConverter.java that lcts tlit ouTS, miznutes, and seconds. Store those four quantities into variables beforo displaying thei ine is rep as the number of seconds that have elapsed since midnight on January 1, 1970. This being easily storable as a single number, but obviously its not very human-rcadable. input in Unix time, Your program should then compute and show that number as a c n lecturc. the user cuter an Usc the same algorithm that we did in the change making program that we wrote i Heres an example of what your completed program might look like when you run it . Uiderlined parts indicate what you type in as the program is running. Enter a Unix time: 21388 day C 22 hour(s) 24 minute(s) 17 second (s)
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