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Question: please use mathematica for at least one of the following...

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Please use Mathematica for at least one of the following problems:
Problem #2 Values of world energy consumption are given below. Calculate a best-fit exponential curve to the six data points 1850–1975, and then use this curve to predict the value of energy consumption in 2000. If the actual value in 2000 is 419 EJ, by how much does the projected answer differ from the actual value?







25 EJ

27 EJ

37 EJ

60 EJ

100 EJ

295 EJ

Problem #3 Current global energy consumption trends combined with per-capita energy consumption of some of the most affluent countries, such as the United States, can be used to project the future course of global energy demand over the long term. One such analysis predicts a stabilization of world energy consumption at 3620 EJ/yr.

From data provide in Problem #2, it can be seen that the world reached the 37 EJ/year mark in 1900, and the 100 EJ/year mark in 1950. Using these data points and the logistics formula, calculate the number of years from 2004 until the year in which the world will reach 97% of the value predicted at the stabilized usage rate.

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