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Question: please use mohrs stress circle...

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Please use Mohr's Stress Circle

1. The tensile stresses on a cubic element within a component are 100 MN/m2 in thex direction, and 40 MN/m2 in the y-direction, along with complimentary shear stresses on the element of 30 MN/m2 on each face. There are no stresses in the z-direction, and the principal stress in the z - direction is zero. Assuming Plane stress conditions: a) (4 marks) Sketch the stressed element Calculate from first principles, or using Mohrs stress circle represent the three principle stresses in the element Calculate the maximum tangential shear stress,tmax. Calculate the maximum allowable stress in the component according to maximum shear strain energy theory b) (8 marks) (4 marks) c) d) (4 marks)

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