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Question: please use swift to solve this problem...

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Please use swift to solve this problem

Write a function called siftBeans(fromGroceryList:) that takes a grocery list (as an array of strings) and sifts out the beans from the other groceries. The function should take one argument that has a parameter name called list, and it should return a named tuple of the type (beans: [String], otherGroceries: [String|) Here is an example of how you should be able to call your function and what the result should be (note that the order of the items in the original list doesnt need to be preserved): let myGroceries [green beans, milk, black beans, pinto beans, apples] let result siftBeans (fromGroceryList: myGroceries) print(result.beans) [green beans, black beans, pinto beans] print (result.otherGroceries) Cmilk, apples]

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