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Please Using the Matlab,Using the magic command (read about it with >>help magic), make a 6 x 6 magic matrix called M. What command gives the sum of each column of M? What is the sum of each column? How would you find the sum of each row of M? What is the sum of each row? Check how the command diag(A) works on a matrix A Write code which sums the main diagonal of M What is the sum of the main diagonal? Is M magical?load mileage.mat You will perform the following actions one-by-one on the matrix (called mileage) 1. Change the 2nd entry in the 5th row to 22.1 2. Add the row 11 2 31 to the bottom of the matrix so that it becomes a 7x3 matrix. (Use end+1 to index where the new row should go) 3. Remove the entire third column by setting the third column equal to I 4. Take the transpose. 5. Sum the second row What is the resulting sum to four decimal places? Answer: Check

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