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Question: please work these out step by step i do not...

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3. Figure 3 shows a block D of weight 100 N that is supported by two cables DA, DB, each of length 6 m. The cables are attached to the points A(2, 2,0) and B(4, 6,0) respectively [the coordinates are also in meters]. A force F is now applied to the block in the positive r-direction and increased until one of the cables becomes slack [i.e. has zero tension]. Find which is the cable that becomes slack, the value of F at which this occurs, and the tension in the remaining cable at this point. Figure 3 4. In Figure 4, the homogeneous disk and the bar AB can be regarded as weightless. Find the minimum coefficient of friction at C if the system does not slip under the application of the downward force P 200- > 200 ←120→1 140 0 30 all dimensions in mm

Please work these out step by step, I do not understand how to do them at all.

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