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Question: please wrie me the script with the sentences matlab...

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Post a new message in narrative form (i.e. no bullet points) that addresses the following questions: In your own words, explain the concept of variable scope. Include one or more code fragments that you write for this discussion post to help illustrate your case. Clearly mark as appropriate any code fragments as either script code or function code, and use comments in your code to note the locality of each variable at least the first time the variable appears in the script or function. If a variable is local in scope, be sure to notate what the variable is local to (i.e. the script, a particular function, etc.). Your code for this discussion post should include at least two different local variables, and at least one global variable. Compare and contrast separate function files with anonymous functions. In your opinion, when may it be best to use one over the other? Can you use them interchangeably in all circumstances? ·

Please wrie me the script with the sentences. ( MATLAB )

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