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Question: please write 12 page answer to exercise 2 chapter 1...

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Please write 1-2 page answer to Exercise #2, Chapter 1, and submit your answer to Blackboard as a word document attachment by Jan 26, Sat. Please also post on the discussion forum #1 by Jan 27, Sun, to discuss your answer with the class.

Analyze the I/O model on McDonald’s, using the information from the opening case of Chapter 1. Please note that this is an individual assignment, not a team assignment. You can discuss your answer with your classmates, but you will write the answer yourself. Please address the following questions as in the exercise: What are external pressures and constraints McDonald’s is facing? What are relevant resources available to other firms in the industry? Which ones are mobile (easily duplicated) across firms? What strategies has McDonald’s used as mentioned in the opening case? Are these strategies successful? Please pay attention to the following when you prepare the answer: The purpose of this assignment is to do a reality check on I/O model, one of the two models we will use in strategic analysis, as in Ch2 and 3 to be covered in Week2. The two models are the theoretical foundation of strategic analysis and they are complementary to each other, as you see in Chapter 1 and the corresponding lecture note #2.

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