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Please write this in c/c++

2. (20 pts) Write a simple single thread CSC4420 shell, i.e., no concurrent commands, to support at least the following built-in commands o prompt can set to any string you input. in addition to the current history event number, ie. %h as in csh: o url list the course web site o hour list class times o room list classroom location o desp : list the description of this course o text list the textbook o ref list the reference books o prof: list the professors name o pol : professors office location o poh : professors office hours o pma : professors email address o ta list the TAs name o tol TAs office location o toh : TAs office hours o tma TAs email address o history : list history of events up to the number you set o help : list all the available commands o exit or quit : exit CSC4420 shell

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