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Question: plot the data qiven in q1 the numbers indicate the...

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-Plot the data qiven in Q1
-the numbers indicate the sample number of the conodont data.
- the letters indicate the volcano ash beds some of which has radiometric data associate with.
-we want to know the absolute age of the strepthonathodus.
tem and stage boundaries Conodont Data 1. The list below shows the occurrences of key con- odont species in the Usolka River section. Using this data, plot the ranges of all conodont spe- cies on figure 2.3. Ranges of S. bellus, S. pawhus- kaensis, and S. brownvillensis have already been done by way of example. Sample 13 S. bellus, S. pawhuskaensis Sample 15/1 S. pawhuskaensis, S. brownvillensis Sample 16/1 S. brownvillensis, S. simplex Sample 16/2 S. brownvillensis Sample 16/3 S. simplex, S. wabaunsensis Sample 16/4 S. wabaunsensis Sample 16/5 S. wabaunsensis, S. isolatus Sample 16/6 S. wabaunsensis, S. isolatus Sample 16/7 Sample 18/1 Sample 20 Sample 21 S. cristellaris, S. longissimus S. cristellaris S. longissimus, S. constrictus S. longissimus, S. barskovi S. constrictus, S. barskovi
20& Exercise 2 Radiometric Ages 20 18 17 16 15 14 18/4 graded bedding 18/3 16/7 16/6 16/5 13 16/4 16/3 16/2 16/1 10 15/1 14 13 conodont occurrence Shale Volcanic Ash Sandstone Tuffaceous Sandstone Limestone Bentonite) FIGURE 2.3 3Stratigraphy of Carboniferous-Permian boundary strata at the Usolka River section, Russia.
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