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PLS explain your answer.4. Sequential Logic (16 points) Complete the truth table for the following sequential circuit. While computing the next states in a row, assume the clock is enabled so that the result is not solely dictated by the clock. A current B current A next B next 0 0 0 0 15. Multiplexers (20 points) In this question, we are going to use the 8 input multiplexer shown in figure below to implement an even parity function, i.e., the output of the function is l if and only if an even number of inputs are 1. Assume that you have three input variables: A, B, C. Note that zero is an even number. A. Complete the following truth table for the three variable even parity function. (10) 0 0 B. Using the following 8-input multi plexer, implement the Boolean function for which you created the truth table in part A. (10) D2 1, D7 A B C

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