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  3. pls help me understand this question right clearly...

Question: pls help me understand this question right clearly...

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3. Consider the system shown in Fig. 3, where the cylinder of radius r and mass m is pulled through a massless spring with spring constant k and a massless dashpot with damping coefficient c. Assume that the cylinder rotates freely about its axis and that the input displacement u(t) is known. Initially, the spring is undeformed and the cylinder is at rest The equation of motion is 3 2 with initial conditions x(0) (0) and x(0) = 0, Let u(t) be the input and the displacement x be the output. Write down the state equation, the output equation, and the initial conditions. Do you find it easy to assign the initial conditions?x(t) u(t) 0 Figure 3: A cylinder pulled by a spring

pls help me understand this question. Right clearly.

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