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Question: pls solve no 4...

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pls solve no. 4

Powers pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader DC File Edit View Window Help Home Tools Powers (1) pdf x Bookmarks B-N The Heat Equation E The Wave Equation -A The Vibrating String Solution of the Vibrating String Problem A dAlemberts Solution One-Dimensiona Wave Equation: Generalities A Estimation of Eigenvalues A Wave Equation in Unbounded Regions A Comments and References A Chapter Review Miscellaneous Exercises Ask me anything 515 82u 1 au 0 <x. t, ax2 k at Let us suppose that atx 0 the temperature is held constant, say, u(0, t) 0 in some temperature scale. In the absence of another boundary, there is no other boundary condition. However, it is desirable that u(x, t) remain finite less than some fixed bound-asx oo. Thus, our mathematical model is a u 1 au 0 <x< oo 0 <t. ax2 k at (0, t) 0. 0 t. u(x, t) bounded as x oo, 0 <X The heat equation (1) and the boundary condition (2) are homogeneous The boundedness condition (3) is also homogeneous in an important way: A (finite sum of bounded functions is bounded. Thus, we can attack Eqs. (1)- (3) by separation of variables. Assume that u(x, t) ep (x)TC), so the partial sign in LN Export PDF a Adobe Export PDF eb Convert PDF Files to Word or Excel Online Select PDF File Convert to Microsoft Word doc) v Document Language: English (US) Change Convert Create PDF Store and share files in the Document Cloud More 2.59 AM 3/30/2017

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