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  3. plz answer both if you are 100 sure with detail...

Question: plz answer both if you are 100 sure with detail...

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You are playing soccer with some friends while some children are playing hide-and-seek nearby. The seeker is busy counting at a rate of one whole number per second. When you hear the seeker say the number 4, you kick the ball high in the air. When the seeker says 5, the ball is 10 feet in the air. When the seeker says 7, the ball is 20 feet in the air. How many seconds will the ball be in the air in total before it hits the ground again? 9 a) b) c) d) e) 5/3 seconds 7 seconds 11 seconds 47/2 seconds Answer is not thereYou make a replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It ends up being 5 inches tall and the actual height of the Great Pyramid is 455 feet. The lateral area of your replica is 108 square inches. Some archaeologists are starting to restore the visible surface of the real pyramid. They want to have the bottom quarter (the bottom 113.75 feet) of the pyramid restored in two months. How much area will they have to restore to meet the deadline? a) 223,587 square feet b) 670,761 square feet c) 55,896.75 square feet d) 391,277.25 square feet e) Answer is not there

plz answer both if you are 100% sure with detail solution, otherwise down vote.

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