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PM Sat Jan 19 ch2.pdf Exercises 2-1 1. List five reasons for organizing data into a frequency 2. Name the three types of frequency distributions, and about one-half distribution. portion of wha the UCLA Inte explain when each should be used. Categorical, ungrouped grouped Find the class boundaries, midpoints, and widths for each class. SMM MM H A M M a. 12-18 b. 56-74 c. 695-705 d. 13.6-14.7 e. 2.15-3.93 8. State Gaso gallon for 25 s grouped frequer frequency distril 7.5 16 21.5 19 22 20.7 23 18.5 14.5 25.9 Source: The World Al 4. How many classes should frequency distributions have? Why should the class width be an odd number? 5. Shown here are four frequency distributions. Each is incorrectly constructed. State the reason why a. Class Frequency 27-32 33-38 39-44 45-49 50-55 Weights ofu weights of th grouped frequenc frequency distribu results in terms of 2 Class width is not uniformm
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